Operation Catnip!
Trap/Neuter/Return of Feral and Abandoned Cats

Working with community partners, our mission is to reduce the suffering of and control the population of feral and abandoned cats in our community by providing TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and preventative educational services within the City of Peterborough.

We started trapping in April of 2013 and Operation Catnip! has provided TNR to over 875 cats (225 colonies) as of March 2019.  We also provide winter shelters which are constructed by two volunteers.  They made 44 bin shelters in 2017–36 of which are being used and 19 of which were sponsored by generous donors for colonies in need.  Please visit our donation page to learn about our Sponsor a Cat program too.

Along with the help of great caregivers, we are making a difference in the lives of these cats and our community!

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Thank you to our sponsors:


Thank you to our supporters…


including Kooky Kat Catnip Company that provides us with organic catnip for our toys.


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