What We Do

Work with caregivers who feed and provide shelter from the elements for free-roaming, feral or abandoned cats.

Trap only on private property with a caregiver’s written consent.

Trap in Peterborough and, in good weather, within a 20 minute driving radius.

Use humane live traps to catch feral and abandoned cats. The cat is kept in the live trap until surgery and then following surgery until it is ready to be released.

Provide supplies and written instructions to help if caregivers are willing to do their own trapping

Make all appointments with the veterinarians who work with Operation Catnip

Pay vet clinics for their services (minimum $120.00 per cat) which includes spay/neuter surgery, ear tipping, FVRCP vaccination, Revolution treatment for fleas, worms etc.  Operation Catnip pays for the rabies vaccine.

Ask caregivers to pay $120 for the first two cats, $80 for the next two cats and $65 for any more cats.

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